Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Floral Ice Tutorial

Floral Ice is a fun and simple DIY tutorial for summer. They look gorgeous in glass vase and in jars of water and they couldn't be easier to make!

Floral Ice Tutorial:
  1. Simply find a bunch of small colourful flowers
  2. Fill an ice tray with water and put one or two flowers in each cube
  3. Place the ice tray in the freezer and wait for it to turn to ice. Voila!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY Fairy Garden in a Box

I love Fairy Gardens, don't you?! And they can make the perfect gift for a little girl or even an adult young at heart...I mean who doesn't love a fairy Garden, right? :)
All you need is a box, we used a rectangular wooden box but you could use a square box too, it makes no difference at all. We took some grass, stones and rock roses from the garden, bought a few flowers, glass stones and compost from the hardware store, and then made a swing and a mini-archway out of twigs, some bunting and a little fairy bicycle which was made out of toothpicks and buttons. A spade and some gloves would be good too, but not essential! Oh and we used a little plastic bag to protect the wooden box but this again isn't essential if you want to permanently leave your fairy garden in the box.

This box was probably the size of a letter page.
The spade and the gloves are nice to haves but you can always get your hands dirty! :)

Rock Roses are the most beautiful and magical of all the aloes I think and perfect for a fairy garden.
We bought some pink flowers from the nursery...
Picked some Mondo grass from the garden for a gentle ethereal feel.

The little swing made of twigs and string and cardboard. We used a glue gun to attach the twigs on the side.

We trimmed the plastic right down...
Like so....
And then we just put it all together....
The green round thing is a plastic lid that we used as a pond.
And tadaaaaaa!!

 The fairy bicycle...how cute!!?

A river, a pond, bunting, an archway, a little bicycle, flowers and stones....A little DIY fairy garden. You could attach a little ribbon and gift tag if you were to give it away as a present. Doesn't this just make your heart happy? Tsssaaaaaa!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Printable Valentines Poster - I Like You and I Love You

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to spread some love with y'all! I designed this little black and white print with the words "I Like You and I Love You"...simple and sweet! You can download the print here

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fun with Hydrangeas - Plus Free Printable

Hydrangeas are everywhere at the moment! They are one of my favourite flowers because the colours vary so much and they just bloom in the most magnificent spectrum! Apparently the colour is related to the acidity of the soil...yip! A friend of mine brought a whole bunch of Hydrangeas for me from her garden and what a delight to have these in our house. *So Special*

I played around with a few different vases and containers....

An old teapot and tea tin were happy to be dusted off to offer a home to these pretty florals. 

And at the entrance to my home, I couldn't resist making these little banners that said "OH, HELLO FRIEND!" You can make these too - download the printable file at the end of this post, cut out the banner/s and then just place some tape over a skewer stick or even a chopstick and stick the banners to the tape.

I put these babies on our dining room table on a wooden box....aaaaaaah the pastels!

Download the cute printable "OH, Hello Friend!" banners here


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things I Love: 10 Uber Cool Creative Etsy Shops

Here we go, my collection of 10 cool, creative and quirky shops on Etsy (which I love!). I hope you enjoy browsing through their shops as much as I did! :)


  1. Vector Cloud
Vector Cloud sells fun and creative laser-cut wooden products. From cufflinks to brooches to desk clocks and earrings, the incredible design mind behind Vector Cloud, Amelia, impresses with her scope of creativity. My personal favourite is the retro-looking bamboo desk clock…LOVE!! Such genius!
    1. Shop Owner: Amelia
    2. Opened In: Nov 2009
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Vectorcloud
    4. Product Picks

  1. EmDash Paper Co
I wish I could hand letter like Emily. My oh my is this lady talented!!! So cute, so clever, so pretty! Browsing through all the creative goodness in this shop, I found my inner monologue going something like this: “oh cute man, that’s so sweet, oh I love that, this is clever, precious man, I need that, I’ve got to buy that, so true so true, I love it, wow that looks amazing…”and so on. This is definitely a shop to add to your favorites, I’ve added it to mine already! :)
    1. Shop Owner: Emily
    2. Opened In: May 2011
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmDashPaperCo
    4. Product Picks:

  1. Studio by The Forest
Studio by The Forest sells rustic ceramic forest art. I love this shop because it’s so true to nature. The products are simple like nature yet intricately beautiful too. Because I love the mountains and hiking, I was immediately drawn to the mountain pin and the mountain key ring - my personal favorites! Aaaah, this shop makes my heart smile, it truly does. And I’m not the only one, Studio by the Forest has 11 198 admirers.  Go take a look!
    1. Shop Owner: Anna
    2. Opened In: April 2006
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioByTheForest
    4. Product Picks


  1. Swim Club
I love shops that sell one specific product and Swim Club does just that – they sell a variety of therapeutic bath salts that just happen to be exquisitely packaged too! The super cool name for their business is matched equally by their funky navy blue and white logo.  And the salts are in glass jars which give them that luxury-looking quality. All in all I love Swim Club!
    1. Shop Owners: Michelle Pauly and Natalia Trawkowski
    2. Opened In: June 2013
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/swimclub
    4. Product Picks: 


  1. Truly Sanctuary
As a family with 2 little boys, we’re always outdoors walking in shallow rivers or hiking in the gorge, so when a friend of mine showed me the shirt from Truly Sanctuary that says, “Take a Hike”, I immediately fell in love!!! I have to have these shirts for my boys, I exclaimed (in fact I’d love them for the whole family)!!! Run by husband and wife team, Ron and Beth, Truly Sanctuary is full of clever T-Shirt designs for kids and adults alike. The kiddies shirts just happen to be modelled by the coolest looking kids too! #cuteness.  
Postscript: Just placed my order for 4 shirts for my little family! YAY, can’t wait!!!!
    1. Shop Owner: Ron and Beth
    2. Opened In: December 2008
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/trulysanctuary
    4. Product Picks

  1. Anna Wiscombe
Anna Wiscombe strikes me as an artist with soul. Her wooden creations are exquisitely handmade – I would know this because I bought her wooden owl family set just the other day. Packaged in a beautiful white box, the little birds made my heart smile with delight. It’s one of those shops that you look at and think it’s all sooooooooooooo cool, how on earth am I going to choose what to buy!
    1. Shop Owner – Anna Wiscombe
    2. Opened In - Aug 2012
    3. Shop Link - https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnnaWiscombe
    4. Product Picks:

  1. Worley’s Lighting
The simplicity of Worley’s lighting is what I love. The exposed nature of the lighting gives her products a contemporary feel, yet the warmth of the wood doesn’t make them feel clinical. Minimalist, functional design, her genius resonates through each piece. I have a wish list from her shop as long as my arm but for now, just the discovery of this gem of a shop makes me happy.
    1. Shop Owner: Shelli Worley
    2. Opened In: July 2011
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WorleysLighting
    4. Product Picks:
  1. Moss Love Terrariums
    1. Cutesy and Quirky handmade terrariums – that’s what you’ll find in this fun Etsy Shop. What first caught my attention was the unicorn terrarium and then the “I Do” terrarium with two little rabbits. Oh but there are so many more themes to discover…you just need to go and have a look at these uber cool creations.
    2. Opened In April 2013
    3. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MossLoveTerrariums
    4. Product Picks:
  1. OneCanoeTwo
    1. Seriously one of my favorite shops on Etsy, OneCanoeTwo illustrate and letterpress their designs into greeting cards, wall prints, calendars and even tea towels. I often see cool products in treasuries, open the link up to have a better look and discover it’s the workings of the geniuses at OneCanoeTwo. I chuckle to myself and think well of course it’s OneCanoeTwo, who else would design something this cool!! And it’s not only me that thinks they’re cool…they’ve had over 15870 sales! Oh yes!
    2. Shop Owner: Carrie, Beth and Karen
    3. Opened In: July 2008
    4. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/1canoe2
    5. Product Picks

  1. Ms Jeannie Ology
    1. A collection of vintage home d├ęcor, books, toys and clothing. Whilst there are hundreds of shops on Etsy selling vintage items, this shop sticks out with its beautiful attention-to-detail product styling and photography. It gives the shop a classic cohesive look. In fact, when a person can style products this well, you just know that anything you're going to buy in this shop is going to be fabulous!
    2. Shop Owner: Ms. Jeannie Ology (of course!!)
    3. Opened In: Jan 2012
    4. Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/msjeannieology
    5. Product Picks: